CaseIH Rebate Details and Latest Brand Video

Case IH rebate

Case have introduced a Group Fleet Purchase scheme exclusively to the Scottish Machinery Rings

To be eligible you must be a paid up Member of a Scottish Machinery Ring and purchase your CaseIH equipment from a recognised CaseIH dealer. The equipment must be either new or an ex demonstrator.

Your local Machinery Ring requires your permission to see a copy of all appropriate paper work from your dealer. This paperwork must depict the relevant serial number for CaseIH auditing purposes. These copies must be dated for the year in which the claim is made. CaseIH is unable to process late additions to the final submitted list.

At the beginning of December each year, the SMRA will collate all the paperwork and forward them to CaseIH where it is checked and confirmed, and the financial rebate is arranged. This rebate does not come out of the dealer’s margin but is an extra incentive direct from Case IH. It does not affect the price you negotiate with the dealer and is paid to you the following Spring.